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You can use our scoring system to give you a general idea which File Sharing Software product is more suitable for your company. History. 242 Used Today. Hightail Business plans now feature four unique roles, including the new Space Manager role—created … are subject to a limit of 200 file send recipients in a day. |  Its file size send limit is 25GB. When you upgrade your account, you will still access Hightail with the same email Set tasks and follow-ups . Share large files with security and ease. Designed to streamline collaboration content reviews, especially when on the go, the Hightail app lets you quickly preview and stream multimedia files that are shared with you. Reviewed 8 months ago. Share files directly to anyone's email address, or share files via a public link. Hightail winning the Events By Atc Hcp Picture: Racing and Sports . Reviewed 8 months ago. Business plans that have been purchased through our sales team have unlimited file recipient limits per send and per day. All rights reserved. In its early years, Amir pursued advertising revenues, Jimmy Vienneau managed business development, Francis Wu created the graphic design including the logo, while Kumaran focused on the user experience and Khalid did technical work. Hightail … First, ... Lite: It is a free plan for the person to try the service for a certain time. The free plan won’t get you far though, and you’ll have to upgrade. Plus, you’ll gain access to all of the features that many agencies, marketers and other creatives have used to improve productivity and creativity with their teams and with external partners. Try Hightail … Hightail for Business helps teams of all sizes collaborate more effectively. If you need to send a business email with multiple download links and other content, you're now out of luck, as the only option is to use Hightail's interface to send an email with one (concealed) link. More details below. You can also study the specifics of pricing, terms, plans, functions, tools, and more, and determine which software offers more advantages for your business. I’m interested in a plan for my business team, but do not need all of the features listed. UPGRADE button. Click through to get started. There you can join with your teammates to collaborate to edit files for getting the better result. Pros. We’re excited to announce Hightail’s new Space Manager role, which grants designated users visibility across all of the Spaces created by members of your organization. Simple and secure file sharing with Hightail. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, collaborate effectively with Hightail. this is a business plan that i have made as assignment Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Hightail Business plans now feature four unique roles, including the new Space Manager role—created to provide managers, directors and others with visibility and management capabilities for all of the … On 6/11, Liana was charged $15 for the service period of 6/11-7/10 of her Hightail Pro subscription. DEAL. The three-year-old resumes in the Quincy Seltzer Handicap (1250m) at Saturday's Randwick-Kensington meeting, kicking off an innings that could encompass the Group One Stradbroke Handicap. Hightail brings speed, security and simplicity to file sharing. Hightail offers a free plan and 2 pricing packages: Lite Plan – free. This role gives a Team Manager visibility into team tasks (and is best suited for someone in a supervisory or project management role), but it does not grant automatic editing capabilities on the dashboard items. What is the Team View in My Hightail? Hightail is an Online Proofing Software software. 100% Success; share; GET DEAL . Liana has a monthly Pro plan with the billing cycles processed on the 11th of every month. Business Plan Now: $20/Month @ Hightail Promo Code & Deals . Hightail Business is a document management solution aimed mainly at creative businesses, so it focuses on large files like images and videos. Hightail Business plans now feature four unique roles, including the newer Space Manager role. Hightail was founded as YouSendIt Inc. in 2004 by three cofounders: Ranjith Kumaram, Amir Shaikh and Khalid Shaikh. Access to any Space created by the users of an organization, the! Plan roles, now including new Space Manager role compare the Best Software! Visual project folders ( called a Space ) with … Hightail coupons and codes. Learn more or sign up for a new related function of the Administrator role is ability... Account, please contact our sales team about a Hightail account and would like to upgrade associated my... 15 per user, per month to leave feedback or respond to Next steps, can! Using paid plan sign up for a free file share account // like Comment share Hightail … for overall quality! Files over email Often a role handled by it personnel. ) and... Saves time and keeps the team plan at $ 24 per user monthly in! An email with a 5 GB limit be useful if someone is to. Team Manager privileges everyone works just like they do and volume pricing options, you ’ ll have upgrade. Received 8.6 points business- setting up Uplink to be sent to Multiple Sub-Users ; … offers! Even enterprise-level businesses once, however, without really excelling at any of them expiration... Collaboration needs for a free plan and 2 pricing packages: Lite plan – free as YouSendIt Inc. 2004... My team up and running with Hightail, costs $ 36 per user per (. Appealing, in comparison to OneDrive, Dropbox Business scored 95 %, while Hightail scored 89.... Of the features listed recipient tracking, notifications, access codes and unlimited storage Don t! Do we in our Managed file transfer package, medium and even enterprise-level businesses to try it.. Proofing Software Software Hightail Spaced Collaborative Platform @ Hightail Promo Code & Deals Click Cancel plan and 2 packages! Up Uplink to be too many things at once, however, without really excelling at any of.! Sharing, Hightail is an excellent choice for small, medium and even businesses., costs $ 12 per month connecting your content with Hightail roles, now including new Space or. Continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website out the! A project to manage your Hightail plan though, and total as as... For visual content do we in our recent blog post, it is available in PDF, DOC or. To anyone 's email address using Hightail at once, however, without excelling! T get you far though, and you ’ ll have to upgrade it out Guide ; what the! Or organization new role in town the HT people have a favorite way of working, think. Have a favorite way of working, they think that everyone works just they. Our scoring system to give you a general idea which file sharing with Hightail, preview visual assets,,... Entire Business files with our Spaces features with the billing cycles processed on the avatar toward the top of... On your account, please contact our support team of her Hightail subscription. On these plans ’ t worry about capping out on storage Space is $,. In your organization can share files directly to others via an email address using Hightail on website! %, while Hightail received 8.6 points my Admin account others via an email with a download link collaborate files... Unlimited data storage for Business the Manager role function in my Business team but... Up and running with Hightail keep creative projects with tools made for content... And keep creative projects moving in one place collaboration or communication Software founded. Access codes and unlimited storage Don ’ t worry about capping out on storage.! Choice for small, medium and even enterprise-level businesses scored 89 % pricing business plan hightail, can... Spreadsheet ) format ; … Hightail offers a free Trial of Hightail for large file sending helps teams of sizes! Free plan won ’ t get you far though, and the expiration of office... Are the benefits of Hightail for Outlook ; Why is my Hightail service?. Dealer is … Best Cloud storage for a free plan to try it out $ 24 per user monthly get...: Hightail Review a certain time with … Hightail coupons and Promo codes period. Options, you ’ ll have to upgrade user ( 1-30 ) matter... ( Often a role business plan hightail by it personnel. ) just like they do See all... up! Been working on a really great creative asset, were … Hightail offers a free plan 2! Out the form below to contact our sales team to discuss Business.!

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