is pikkon namekian

How did Pikkon get so strong? This thread is archived. Pikkon (パイクーハン, Paikūhan) is a fighter of the Other World who first appears in the Other World Tournament.He is very strong and at least equal in strength to Goku in his Full-Power Super Saiyan form. A: 7. Nova Strike like attack. share. save hide report. What is his backstory and where is he from? Let's discuss this dragon ball mystery. An energy wave attack used on Goku after hitting his Thunder Flash Attack. Close. Why wasn't Pikkon selected for the top 10 warriors in Universe 7? I know he's not Manga canon, but he was apart of the anime. CHECK VRV: | What is the HISTORY of Pikkon? What race is Pikkon, at first I thought he was Namekian but his Ears resemble freiza race characters. The Dragon Team (ドラゴンチーム, Doragon Chīmu), also known as the Dragon Ball Gang, is a group of Earth's mightiest warriors. Archived. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game. Q: Which of these characters isn't a Namekian? The power of the Kamehameha didn't matter, it was an off guard attack that pushed Pikkon out of the ring. In the final round, he and Goku fight to a draw but only on a technicality, as Pikkon was knocked out of the ring. 32 comments. 16 Become Official: Pikkon. Who is Paikuhan? save hide report. Pikkon could have been established as an ancient Namekian and it could have potentially started an entire arc revolving around Piccolo further exploring his … Posted by. they had to make him a credible threat to the hero thus making him super strong liek that. Pikkon used an attack similar to Frieza's Nova Strike in a Beam Struggle against Super Saiyan Goku in the episode "Goku vs. Pikkon". A: Takoyaki. He takes down Frieza and King Cold each with one hit and effortlessly defeats Cell as well. ... most are pointing at Pikkon from Dragon Ball Z's Other World Saga. When Frieza killed Piccolo they should have had a couple of episodes where Piccolo explored otherworld and encountered Pikkon. How strong is Pikkon? 10 comments. 0. Q: Which of these tournaments is held in commemoration of King Kai's death? Formed during Goku and Bulma's search for the Dragon Balls, they have since fought many battles in order to test their skills and reach other goals, and in turn have become the unofficial defenders of Earth. A: Pikkon. Pikkon was made for the series as filler. Super. Did Broly Kill Pikkon? Q: What recipe does Vegeta make in Super Dragon Ball? Namekian Warrior Posts: 10279 Joined: Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:32 am Location: Regensburg, Germany. How did Pikkon die? And he is definitely a lot stronger than a lot of the characters introduced into the show. Question. share. With a few personality tweaks to make him less Piccolo-like, Pikkon could become an exciting ally to Goku in a future movie or anime series. Namekian Final Flash. 39% Upvoted. The two fighters gained a healthy respect for each other’s fighting ability and personalities as well. What race is Pikkon, at first I thought he was Namekian but his Ears resemble freiza race characters. Question. 3 years ago. Given how drastically Piccolo falls behind Goku in Dragon Ball Z, Pikkon is a breath of fresh air - a glimpse of what the Namekian might've been. Who Killed Pikkon? A: Other World Tournament #02 Anime Part 2. Q: How many Shadow Dragons are there total? but as with most filler things, they tend to go overboard in the realm of stupid and end up making them to powerful in the end but some how the heros could beat them. With the upcoming fourth character attached to a Green background, many are thinking it may be a new Namekian.

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