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The sign of Þjóðminjasafn Íslands - the National Museum of Iceland. In the Mývatn area by Lake Grænavatn, you will find a beautiful turf house called Grænavatn turf house or Green lake turf house. See more ideas about Iceland island, Iceland, House. You can read much more about the Sorcerer's Cottage in my travel-blog: The Mystical Sorcerer's Cottage in Bjarnarfjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland - Kotbýli kuklarans. It is the island located furthest to the north-east among the group. Here you can also see the rowing boat, Ölver, which is a typical boat used for fishing in the olden days. Iceland is known for its contrasting landscapes that literally cause the earth here to smoke and erupt under your feet. The first written record of a turf farm at Árbær dates back to 1464. Best Farm Stays in Iceland, Europe: See traveler reviews, candid photos and great deals on farmhouses in Iceland on Tripadvisor. Skógar Museum - An Excellent Regional Museum & Turf House in South-Iceland, Galtastaðir-fram turf house in East-Iceland. The original turf houses are delicate though and cannot withstand too much traffic, so we must preserve them the best we can. Bustarfell turf house, which has belonged to the National Museum of Iceland since 1943, is now a museum open to visitors in the summertime. In 2010 the locals rebuilt the stall and it is now open to visitors. Turf houses don't last and have to be maintained all the time, and the present turf house at Keldur was rebuilt after earthquakes shook this area back in 1896 and 1912. Grenjaðarstaður has belonged to the National Museum of Iceland since 1954, and Menningarmiðstöð Þingeyinga - the Þingeyjasýsla County District Culture Centre has run a museum in the turf house in the summertime since 1958. Fortunately, the farmers were able to save it and Ingólfsskáli was rebuilt. This tiny turf hut is a replica of an old seasonal fishermen's hut. Skúli was the Sheriff here in Skagafjörður from 1711-1794. In Fljótshlíð in South-Iceland we have Meyjarhofið turf house, which was erected in honour of women back in 2007. Very good. The turf house was abandoned in 1967 around the time the last inhabitants of turf houses in Iceland moved out. In 2017, this put the average house price in Iceland at between 40-50 million ISK, which is upwards of €300,000. I stayed at the hotel at Efri-Brú for one night and can recommend this beautiful location. Before his death, Gissur donated Reynistaður to a nunnery and from 1295-1552 a cloister was located here. I have written a special travel-blog where you can see more photos of this cute little red-painted turf house: Lindarbakki Turf House in Borgarfjörður-Eystri in East-Iceland. The first one is called Brattahlíð and the second one is called Bergsstaðir. The turf house is only 2.4 x 2.5 metres and is the oldest atelier in Iceland. The turf houses accommodate 14 people. The mysterious white house on the island of Elliðaey. The accommodation boasts a hot tub and parking. When the sheep disease scrapie showed its ugly face in Fljótsdalur, the whole stock of sheep in the valley had to be killed and the outhouses disinfected. At Tyrfingsstaðir you will find 5 turf houses and 4 turf outhouses, which are being restored by the Skagafjörður Heritage Museum and Fornverkaskólinn. In the 1950s, the Elliðaey Hunting Association decided to build a base on the island to make these trips easier. Another hypothetical turf farm has been erected at Eiríksstaðir, the turf farm of Erik the Red and Leif the Lucky. On the other side of the road, you will see another beautiful turf house; the vestry. They consist of sheep barns, a cowshed, a barn and a potato shed. A similar, or so we believe, turf church stood on this spot during Viking time, some 1000 years ago. The owners of Dalshöfði run a small guesthouse at their farm. Be on the look-out for turf outhouses, you never know when you are going to spot one :), Turf outhouses at Kálfafellskot in South-Iceland. Iceland wins first place for the first time when the Global House Price Index was launched. It is under the care of Byggðasafn Árnesinga - the Árnessýsla Heritage Museum and is open to visitors. We donated his collection of photos and films to Ljósmyndasafn Reykjavíkur - the Reykjavík Museum of Photography and somehow this photo from our private collection got mixed in with the other photos, so it has got the logo of the museum. In 1960 a concrete cellar was added to the church and it was reconstructed in 2002-2005. Hjallur - the Shed in Vatnsfjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland. The scenery can be quite amazing as the sun sets into the ocean. If you like them you should be able to find them easily in Iceland in summer. The building material of Selið turf house is driftwood, turf and rock. It might even be older. You can read more about the adventurous tour to Drangey island and Grettir the Strong in my travel-blog: Drangey Bird Cliff in North-Iceland and the Viking Grettir the Strong. They went on a course in turf house building and are building a turf house on their land to show to their visitors. The little altar inside the turf church dates back to 1789. Inside Bustarfell turf house in East-Iceland, The beautiful Bustarfell Turf House in East-Iceland, The Sheriff's Wife at Burstarfell and the Elf-Rock in East-Iceland - Icelandic Folklore. He had thrown them overboard from his Viking ship when he spotted Iceland and swore to settle where the high seat pillars would drift ashore. There are very few remaining turf houses in South-Iceland, so this turf house is well worth a visit while hiking in Skaftafell. Ingólfsskáli turf longhouse in South-Iceland. The turf farm was rebuilt in 1880. Archaeological excavations in 1971-1983 unearthed 8 turf houses from 4-5 periods. Reynistaður was a manor and here many a chieftain lived, f.ex. Surrounded with rugged landscape, Glymur waterfall is a paradise for hikers. The hall of the turf house at the historical Keldur in South-Iceland is believed to be the oldest turf house hall remaining in Iceland. Buying a house in Iceland. Cozy cabin with hot tub and great view. Villa in Hella 9.5 Exceptional 106 reviews Boasting a terrace, Hekla Cabin 2 Volcano and Glacier View provides accommodation in Hella with free WiFi and lake views. Glaumbær consists of 14 houses. They don't want the old ways of building a turf house to be forgotten. A turf house at Hveravellir in the highlands of Iceland. I have also written another travel-blog about Viking Ruins and Burial Mounds I have visited on my Travels in Iceland - which is a list of all the archaeological sites and burial mounds, which I have visited in Iceland. On the website of the National Museum of Iceland, it is written that this turf church is now closed to the public. Ingólfsskáli has got timber-panelled concrete walls and outer walls made of turf. The huge turf-outhouses at Langhús are still used to keep sheep in the wintertime, which makes them very special indeed. Others cannot be visited as they are delicate and have to be preserved. The hypothesis house shows us what we believe that the oldest type of turf houses in Iceland looked like in the 10th century. The lychgate and old bells at Grenjaðarstaður, Þjóðminjasafn Íslands - the National Museum of Iceland - Húsasafn, Af jörðu - íslensk torfhús - Hjörleifur Stefánsson, Barmar - torfbær í Reykhólasveit - Morgunblaðið, Book your complete trip with the best companies only, Iceland is spectacular in so many ways and Icelandic nature is quite unique with its vast landscape,  volcanic activity, geothermal areas, glacier lagoons and sceneries, black sand beaches and spect, People have been asking me where to find lupines in Iceland. Also, visit the interesting museum on Jón Sigurðsson, which is located next to the turf house. Since 1930 is has been under the care of the National Museum of Iceland, and is the first house to receive the honour of being declared as protected by the Director of the National Museum. Þverá turf house is one of my favourite photo models: The majestic Þverá Turf House in North-Iceland - closed to Visitors while it is under repair. Grænavatn is a turf house located in the Lake Mývatn Area in North Iceland, owned by the National Museum of Iceland. In 1765 it was deconsecrated and used as an oratory - later as a storehouse. Laufás turf house has belonged to the  National Museum of Iceland since 1948 but the nearby Akureyri Museum runs a museum in the summertime in the turf house. A hypothetical turf church has been erected at the farm Efri-Brú in South-Iceland. Lómagnúpur in South-Iceland - the smallest Turf Church. I told you about the turf house at Núpsstaður earlier in this travel-blog. The first mention of Grenjaðarstaður is from the early settlement of my country. It has been rebuilt from scratch from an older farm. Barmar is one of the few turf houses which is privately owned. In this travel-blog, I am going to show you all of the original turf houses - the turf churches, the latter time turf houses, hypothetical turf houses, turf outhouses, turf fishermen's huts, turf sheds and more turf structures, which I have visited on my travels in my country. This beautiful turf church was erected in 1858 and fits 60 people. This turf church is now closed to the public. Herjólfsbærinn - Herjólfur's Old Farmstead in the Westman Islands, Eiríksstaðir - the turf house of Erik the Red in West-Iceland. Byggðasafn Skagfirðinga runs a museum in the turf house most months of the year (check their website for opening hours). On Steingrímsfjarðarheiði heath in the Westfjords of Iceland, you will notice a small turf house a short distance away from the road. It was a wealthy vicarage and a manor, built of turf, lava rocks from the vicinity and timber. All over Iceland, you will still find a lot of turf outhouses, many of which have become really dilapidated. Life for the small number of people who braved the elements here in the 18th and 19th centuries was grueling and lonely, and they lived primarily on fish and puffin, Elliðaey’s principal food source. Archaeologists found the ruins of Stöng back in 1939 under layers of tephra from the volcano Hekla. Parts of it date back to the 17th century. It is off the beaten path and is currently under repair so it is closed to visitors. It is called Kofinn - the Shed. I visit all the churches in Iceland on my travels around my country, but the little farm churches dotted around Iceland are another passion of mine :). It is built of turf from Víðimýri and driftwood from the nearby Skagi. Inside Hofskirkja turf church in South-Iceland. I want to show you the first photo of me by the turf church at Árbæjarsafn Folk Museum. These turf houses were made of turf, rocks and driftwood. Arngrímsstofa was rebuilt in 1983 in the memory of our former President Kristján Eldjárn, who was born at Tjörn in Svarfaðardalur. Bergsstaðir in Svartárdalur valley North-Iceland, By Bergsstaðir abandoned farm stands a lovely little farm church, one of many in Iceland, called Bergstaðakirkja church, dating back to 1883. The Viking Settler Ingólfur Arnarson, Mt. The building type of Galtastaðir-fram is neither southern nor northern, but Galtastaðagerð type, an older type of turf houses. While Elliðaey may not be home to an eccentric billionaire or a music legend, it remains heaven for bird life. Skúli's turf house was built from 1743-1745 and rebuilt in 1955 and again in 1989-1990. From 1944 this old stall was used as a smokehouse for male lumpfish and meat. Ósvör Maritime Museum in the Westfjords of Iceland. The Beautiful Laufás Turf House in Eyjafjörður in North-Iceland. Selið turf house in Skaftafell in South-Iceland. Elliðaey (left) and Bjarnarey (right). The front buildings at Keldur are parallel to the farmyard, which is an old turf house design, which has been used here at Keldur since the middle ages. Stóru-Akrar turf house has been in the care of the National Museum of Iceland since 1954. There are only 5 original turf churches left in Iceland plus 1 reconstructed turf church and a couple of hypothesis turf churches. I am glad that this was done and that the turf shed wasn't lost. My photo above is of Hlíðartúnshúsin turf outhouses in Borgarnes town in West-Iceland, which were built in 1919 and have been restored in the past few years. These sheds were mainly used for drying fish and keeping fishing gear. In Álftaver in South-Iceland, you will see a sauðahús in the possession of the National Museum of Iceland - see photos here. This old hospice is made out of turf, rocks and driftwood, but there is plenty of driftwood at Strandir in the vicinity. I had a look around and hope he doesn't mind me posting photos of his amazing turf outhouses in my travel-blog. Unfortunately, according to, the reality is far less exciting than these rumors might suggest. Photo by Diego Delso CC BY-SA 4.0. At Árbæjarsafn Folk Museum in Reykjavík, you will find Árbær turf house, the only turf house left in Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland. What guest houses in Reykjavík have nice views? It is reconstructed and while my father-in-law was working for Vegagerðin - the Road Administration of Iceland, he was in charge of reconstructing this turf shed. In 1958-1960 it was repaired and reconsecrated. But as I have mentioned earlier in my travel-blogs, then I am just a layman travelling around my country, and not a professional in any way, so please correct me if you see any mistakes in my travel-blogs. Núpsstaðakirkja turf church in South-Iceland. At Akrar lives Helgi Sigurðsson, the head of Fornverkaskólinn, who teaches the old ways of building a turf house at Tyrfingsstaðir turf farm, which you can read about a little further in this travel-blog. The hypothesis turf house stands next to the modern-looking Cathedral of Skálholt. Grótta Lighthouse A lighthouse has existed at Grótta since as early as 1897; before that, a historic farmstead can be dated to the area as early as the 16th century. In Þjórsárdalur valley upcountry in South-Iceland, you will find a hypothetical Viking longhouse, called the long name Þjóðveldisbærinn - the Commonwealth Farm. The turf houses in this area are mainly built from lava, seeing that this is a volcanic area. This cute little turf house is a reconstruction of a turf house that was erected in around 1895. Tyrfingsstaðir turf house was inhabited until 1969. Book now. The oldest part of Lindarbakki dates back to 1899, but the woodwork dates mainly back to 1934. One popular theory posits that it was built by an eccentric billionaire who planned to move to Elliðaey in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Skyrhúsid Guest House in Hali 9.0 Superb 1,109 reviews Two restaurants are found onsite that serve lunch and dinner, while hot drinks and juice can be enjoyed in Skyrhúsid Guest House's dining area. This turf house is privately owned and a museum. The turf house is open daily from 8:00-18:00 - please tread carefully. Þjóðveldisbærinn is open as a museum in the summertime. This, the oldest outhouse in Iceland, is called Hesthúsið á Hólum or the Stall at Hólar, but Hólar was the name of the farm. You can read much more in my travel-blog including whose photos hang on the walls: The majestic Grenjaðarstaður Turf House in North-Iceland. When the turf farm was torn down shortly after 1935 this gable was left to show the stave constructions from the 18th century. Geirsstaðakirkja turf church in East-Iceland. When I met Helgi at Fornverkaskólinn at Þverá turf house in North-Iceland, where he was rebuilding the outhouses at Þverá, he told me about this large outhouse by Mt. Reyhólar and the surrounding areas where I include Barmar turf house. The growing economy, two reductions in interest rates and an increasing involvement of foreign investors help explain a 9% increase in average prices for property for sale in Iceland over the last twelve months. They are in bloom and visible almost wherever you drive aro... On my search for turf houses around Iceland, I visited Sænautasel hypothetical turf house on Jökuldalsheiði heath in the highland of Iceland. Did they discover the longhouse of the first settler of the Westman Islands and Herjólfur Bárðarson (around 900)? Best Dining in Iceland: See 230,411 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 1,180 Iceland restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. The hypothetical stave church was built in the year 2000. 2,247 out of the 4,565 listed accommodations in Iceland are house rentals.They account for one-third of the accommodation options in this destination (38.2%).In addition, these vacation accommodations have a median size of 750 ft² and a median price of $217 a night. Here is a list of the Top 12 Things to do in Iceland. Bustarfell is a huge turf house and consists of 17 houses, but each gable and outhouse counts as one unit. More rural towns and villages will likely be cheaper than in Reykjavik, but then you’ll have less access to good jobs and local amenities available in the city. Two couples had been assigned this land and they erected Litlibær turf house together. The small farm is called Gullbringa and the small turf house from 1884 is called Arngrímsstofa. Tyrfingsstaðir turf house dates back to 1870-1895, with a timber house facade from 1904, very characteristic. Skyrhúsid Guest House in Hali 9.0 Awesome 1,109 reviews Two restaurants are found onsite that serve lunch and dinner, while hot drinks and juice can be enjoyed in Skyrhúsid Guest House's dining area. Víðimýrarkirkja Turf Church in North-Iceland - is it the most beautiful of them all? The photos I post here are of the turf outhouses at Núpsstaður. But you can have a peek at it from the road above. Both hostels, and hotels, feature some of the most prominent bars alongside the high-end restaurants and night spots. Inside the oldest turf outhouse in Iceland - Hesthúsið á Hólum in the Westfjords. Behind the turf house, you will find a distinctive looking old turf barn, which might be around 160 years old. The name, New Farm, is unusual, but it was called this name as the old turf farm was still on the site when Nýbær was being built. A house with garden is for sale in Selfoss, Iceland. I tried finding these turf outhouses in April 2018, but couldn't, so I am going to join a guided tour from the farmers at Nonna and Brynjuhús soon. I think this is an excellent idea and am glad that these turf houses were preserved in this way. Þverá turf house has belonged to the National Museum of Iceland since 1968 and it was preserved in 1990. Read more in my travel-blog, where you can see a lot more photos and road directions: Íslenski bærinn turf farm at Austur-Meðalholt in South-Iceland, Arngrímsstofa turf house in Svarfaðardalur in North-Iceland. You will for sure see some turf houses on your travels in Iceland and I hope that this list will help you identify them. Here you can experience how people lived some 1000 years ago during the time of the Settlement of Iceland.

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