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Anyway, this is a typical American restaurant with huge portions and a lot of cholesterol. Choose one: strip-cut hash browns (380 cals. My fish was either burnt to a crisp or soggy and underdone (all on the same plate). 2012-12-21 01:36:18   I have been here several times now. It was just... eh. 1,427 people follow this. MORE PHOTOS. Eat, savor the taste, pack some home (you surely will have to box something), and be merry! —OrofinJackson, 2009-05-17 11:30:33   According to their website "Look for the newest Black Bear Diner in DAVIS, Ca opening May 22, 2009 at 255 2nd Street (530)756-4190", so it should be open May 22... —AlexNelson, 2009-05-21 10:04:55   I like to think of this restaurant as a place you take your parents to dinner when they come and visit, and they are the kind of folks that are not interested in delicious, ethnic foods or cutesy Davis diners and would rather go for a TGIF or Applebee's, etc. The gravy, the flavor, the tenderness...unexpectedly bordering on perfection. I love the place but really don't see how they will be able to stay in business if this trend continues. Share. My daughter ordered the mac & cheese with fruit from the kids menu and and an orange juice (fresh squeezed) and we were informed that all kids dinners come with a complimentary sundae. The Grizz! I went here with my girlfriend today and got the Guacamole and Bacon Burger w/Cheese and a side of garlic fries. When you walk in the door, you're met with a life size bear who is the official host "mascot" for each restaurant... the one for Davis is named "Brandi". Since this was late in the evening, I'm fairly sure it was in part due to that shift of staff being in a new setup AND doing a breakfast dish during dinner hours. The corn bread was very tasty. —JimStewart, 2010-02-28 22:42:05   After living in NY state for several years and greatly enjoying the diners there, I had high hopes about BB. —ThUn, 2010-05-27 12:39:10   Nice old skool place to eat and relax. He was fine with water though. Huge portions, quick drink refills, lots of friendly yet very busy employees. Last year my husband ordered a pecan pie that was so bad it's now our benchmark for bad food. I have to say they did a great job decorating the place. See more of Black Bear Diner on Facebook. So no net loss for vegetarians... Looks like Black Bear follows the same pattern— steak salad, chicken salad, taco salad, etc. I ordered a chicken pot pie and fries, and I believe every meal comes with salad and some sort of bread. The decor was a woodland forest theme with natural wood bar stools. All in all, will look forward to going back in the future. —StevenDaubert, 2009-05-31 18:34:22   We ate there on Sat. I LOVE diner food, and Black Bear just doesn't compare! Though you'd be best not to look at it because the figures are discouraging. —mperkel, 2009-06-09 19:16:48   BBD bearclaws for breakfast, ggrrrrROARRRRRrrr!!!!!! I am definitely coming back sometime in the future. The strawberry cheesecake just wasn't to my taste, but that can be different for everybody. Definitely one of the best I've ever had anywhere. —Wes-P, 2011-07-27 00:18:11   Been here many times and mostly it's been pretty good. —Ann, 2009-07-05 09:31:08   Everything I have gotten has been great! The counter staff has always been friendly and helpful when checking in, checking out, asking for a item, etc. 2012-08-17 04:57:42   My boyfriend and I used to come here often. I found it to be on par with Dennys and IHOP, but prefer Cindy's breakfasts much more. Someone is always checking to make sure you have everything you need. Black Bear Diner Main Menu Black Bear Diner Lunch Menu Bob’s Big Bear Burger* (1290 cals.) According to Jack Hanna's Monkeys on the Interstate, a bear captured in Sanford, Florida, was thought to have been the offspring of an escaped female Asian black bear and a male American black bear. Overall, I really liked this place for the amount of food, price and dining experience. Restaurantfoodmenu is an online guidance for Black Bear Diner menu, providing prices information of Black Bear Diner breakfast, specials, kids, value menu. —CovertProfessor, 2009-05-25 14:55:51   it's bomb, had the chorizo. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it. 2009-06-02 14:35:50   I went to Black Bear Diner today for the first time, and I had the most amazing experience. He deserves it. The wait staff has been friendly with only one exception about three months ago (not rude, just a bit more distracted and abrupt than I'm used to), drink refills have been timely, and items haven't been forgotten (except once, with the same waitress alluded to previously). 4) Our server was FANTASTIC. Not Steaks, not Filet Mignon. We were checked on at least 3 times by our waiter and surprisingly, at least once by another waitress. I don't know if likening it to Denny's is fair, but you could think of it that way but themed and with massive portions begging to be taken home. ***Unlike other seemingly unhealthy places, Black Bear has taken the responsibility to publish the nutritional value of their menu. Even my boyfriend noticed. And the past waitresses/managers have been more than willing to split the check individually for each of our members without complaint. Black Bear Diner, Reno: See 367 unbiased reviews of Black Bear Diner, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #23 of 929 restaurants in Reno. Black Bear Diner, Sparks: 176 Bewertungen - bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 10 von 268 von 268 Sparks Restaurants; mit 4/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Community Founders: Write a good and paragraph-length description for your welcome section about your topic. Lunch that's quick & satisfying. Black Bear Diner Parent Site. Too bad Black Bear closes at 10, if they were open up to IHOP hours much of IHOP's business would surely be stolen. Served with your choice of strip-cut hash browns (380 cals.) BOTH THE ASSISTANT AND GENERAL MANAGERS approached the table on their own accord to inquire about our experience with the food and service (and waited until after our meal so as not to interrupt our eating). We need more places like this in Davis. Not to single out Black Bear, by any means; I'm sure the numbers are similar for Chili's and Denny's and places like that. Yes confirmed on the very huge plates of food but I would say definitely a huge step above Denny's. The mixed veggies are a joke, and by far the worst item on the menu is the fruit pie.

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