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The flowers are excellent for cutting. It will have a shorter life on dry sites. The trumpet-shape flowers (which resemble those of morning glory) begin appearing in midsummer and continue to bloom until the first frost. « Previous Plant | Next Plant » Print this page. Hardiness zone 3. Let me say this – I love this plant. There are a few types that have bronze edges leaves. The erect stems grow from 2 to 4 feet tall and may even reach heights of 6 feet. The cardinal flower's natural range is New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario southward to Florida and Texas and across the southern plains and mountain states to California. As soon as that microscopic spore gets comfortable in its new home, sporulation (the fungal method of reproduction) occurs and the tiny brown fungal leaf spot begins to grow. Genus Lobelia can be annuals, perennials or shrubs, with simple leaves and showy 2-lipped flowers that may be solitary or in racemes or panicles Details L. cardinalis is an erect, clump-forming herbaceous perennial to 90cm in height, with rather glossy bright green oblong leaves and brilliant scarlet, two-lipped flowers 5cm in length in terminal spikes I don’t know of a more beautiful flower to have blooming in the late summer months. Lobelia cardinalis, the cardinal flower (syn. Cardinal flower is an herbaceous, native, erect, aquatic perennial plant that is commonly found in wet environments such as stream banks and swamps (Figure 1). In the aquarium, the leaves have a lighter green color, then return to their normal color when they reach the surface of the water. It is a member of the Campanulaceae or bellflower family. The leaves of cardinal climber (L and C) and the more finely divided leaves of cypress vine, Ipomoea quamoclit (R). Cardinal Flower is an erect perennial that can grow 2 to 4 feet high. The origin is the emery plant, but hybrids have been obtained that can be used in aquariums. These leaves are resistant to cold and allow the plant to continue to produce and store food. Hosta's provide bright color in shade with wonderful foliage and Guacamole is no exception. Cardinal Flower is an herbaceous perennial with an upright spreading habit of growth. Description. Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal flower . The stunning "cardinal" red flowers will adorn shorelines, ponds and butterfly gardens. Spotted leaves occur when fungal spores in the air find a warm, wet, plant surface to cling to. Cardinal Creeper is a beautiful fast growing, evergreen climber with dark green glossy leaves. Common name: Cardinal creeper Botanic name: Ipomoea horsfalliae. This is a very showy flower. The root is analgesic, anthelmintic, antispasmodic and stomachic. Very eye-catching when planted in a drift in a rain garden or shady garden. A number of hybrid cultivars of the Cardinal flower have been produced; the most popular is 'Queen Victoria' with blood-red flowers and bronze foliage. The color of the leaves ranges from medium shades of green to really deep ones. Lobelia Cardinalis is often seen along woodland paths and beside a stream or pond. The alternate, finely toothed leaves may be up to 6 inches long and are largest near the base (D). Scientific Classification. Cardinal vine begins blooming in mid-summer and continues until the plant is killed by frost. Gesneria cardinalis (basionym), Corytholoma cardinale, Dircaea cardinalis, Dircaea lobulata, Gesneria lateritia, Gesneria macrantha, Rechsteineria cardinalis. Soon the circle grows large enough to touch another circle and now the fungal leaf spot looks more like a blotch. (Lobelia Mulch in the spring. Herb: Cardinal Flower Latin name: Lobelia cardinalis Family: Campanulaceae (Bellflower Family) Medicinal use of Cardinal Flower: Emetic, expectorant and nervine. Cardinal Flower is an herbaceous perennial with an upright spreading habit of growth. Landscape Attributes. Cardinal Flower starts out as a small rosette of leaves, and then shoots up before bursting with color. They are triangular with deep lobes that look like palm leaves. CHECK AVAILABILITY. The genus name, Ipomoea, is from the Greek, meaning ‘worm like’. Family: Gesneriaceae Genus: Sinningia. Synonyms. The Hosta Guacamole, Hosta 'Guacamole', is a medium sized hosta that has yellowish leaves with a wid green margin and stems producing white colored flowers. Description. It has clusters of round buds that open to stunning trumpet shaped crimson flowers during summer and Autumn. The Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) is a perennial flower native to most of North America. A tea made from the roots has been used in the treatment of epilepsy, syphilis, typhoid, stomach aches, cramps, worms etc. Its pointy leaves remain dark green in color throughout the season. Grows well near wet areas. Cardinal climber, a hybrid cross between cypress vine and morning glory, is a fast-growing vine with lacy, fernlike foliage and bright red blossoms. Foliage consists of hardy green and bronze-purple leaves. Brilliant red blooms first mature in late summer and continue into mid-fall. The fruit is not ornamentally significant. It is usually unbranched. A top performer that is perfect for the late summer garden, Lobelia cardinalis 'Queen Victoria' (Cardinal Flower) is a popular, upright, clump-forming perennial boasting a profusion of flower spikes densely packed with fiery scarlet, two-lipped blossoms from midsummer to early fall. New plants grow where the buried leaves are attached to the stems. Hummingbirds love the bright red flowers of Cardinal Flower.

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